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A great site...fantastic 1:50,000 scale maps for all of Canada, easy to search and download for FREE. Also check out the Landsat Orthoimages.

Des Newman's indispensable mapping program. Used with a GPS you can literally get anywhere you want...and back again! Simply the best map program out there.

Digitized Canadian government maps for all regions. The only solution for planning excursions into the back country. Already calibrated to use with OziExplorer. If you rip or soak these maps you can always print out more.

A utility that automatically calibrates toporama maps or orthoimages for use with OziExplorer. This is a great little program that works well.

Useful government of Canada site that provides, among other things, 0.75 arc second digital elevation data for most of the, no less. DED is necessary for creating 3D maps, using the 3D feature of OziExplorer. 

The company that makes the eTrex Vista, the handheld GPS gem that gets me where I want to go.

If you live in Canada, this is the best place to order anything GPS related. Great prices, fantastic service. 

Huge resource site of GPS info and reviews. Make a pot of coffee before diving into this one.

Another large GPS link site. 

Make-it-yourself parts supply for Garmin GPS interfaces, power supplies, etc. I built my own high capacity external battery pack for my eTrex using one of their inexpensive but well made connectors. Interesting marketing system to boot. 

How to create custom maps for your Garmin GPS. Haven't tried this myself but it looks possible, if somewhat tedious.

Another good GPS links and explanations page.

Own a GPS? Need some exercise? Try Geocaching!